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Dates: October 11-14, 2018

Location: Koç University Campus – Istanbul, Turkey


Highly Esteemed Participants,

I am more than content, elated, and honoured to be welcoming you all to the fifth annual session of Koç University Model United Nations Conference, that is KUMUN V. I have set foot upon this journey with a cohort of tremendously zealous and skilled people who have been more excited and instrumental than me to deliver a conference in which the trademark enthusiasm and academic quality of KUMUN will be ever-present, which have played a pivotal role in asserting KUMUN its own special place in a world laden with Model UN conferences.

Since the very beginning, KUMUN has created its unique reputation of being an innovative conference, thanks to the academic and organizational excellence of the former teams. Albeit it is challenging to live up to the expectations of this scale, and even harder to take a step beyond. At this point, I can wholeheartedly assure you, in lieu of the Academic and Organization Teams of KUMUN 2018, we have not been slacking off.


This year, KUMUN Secretariat has chosen “Democracy in Crisis” as the conference theme. Throughout history, the term ‘democracy’ has been interpreted and understood in various ways and perhaps today, most of the ongoing conflicts in the world stem from these differences in understanding.
As the convention of KUMUN goes, we have a number of unprecedented committees at hand through which the participants will at least be able to get an inkling of the challenges to and shortcomings of democracy in today’s world and in the past. We hope that each and every one of our participants will be able to acknowledge and appreciate aforementioned differences, and come up with their own perception regarding it.


Thus, in concord with our theme, our committees will try to capture instances in which democracy is in crisis, or democracy itself is the source of the crisis. One of the biggest, if not the most, urgent problems the world is currently facing is Syrian Civil War. The conflict has devastated millions and still thrives to do so. Despite all the bloodshed and chaos, a solution is still far away from sight. The delegates will be simulating Astana Peace Talks and experiencing the interminglement of interests within the region. Nonetheless, Middle East is not the only place civil unrest and poor governance has devoured. Therefore, our participants will also take their time in Latin America, subject to an all different point of view, and look at the world from the shoes of the government of Venezuela, in their simulation of Nicolás Maduro’s Cabinet. Speaking of crisis and democracy, one cannot lose sight of economy as well. To see the reverberations of an economic crisis upon democracy, our participants will get the opportunity to be a part of Lehman Brothers Inc. which is being simulated for the first time in an MUN conference. They say the classics never get old, for this reason we decided to include the simulation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO and we hoped to introduce a relatively mild crisis committee for those who are not well-versed in crisis committees as the perfect stage to introduce them. Another committee to catch a glimpse of disagreements over democracy, is one which tackles a much-debated concept, that is self-determination. For the purpose of exhibiting this notion, KUMUN V will include the eventful 2009 Iranian Presidential Elections to show that a poor system is the most detrimental to democracy. To further on self-determination, our participants will get the chance to take part in a joint crisis cabinet of Anglo-Irish War. Additionally, to let our esteemed participants feel the atmosphere of a more or less familiar geography, and the strong implications it carries for democracy, yet another joint crisis cabinet will be added to the ranks of KUMUN V, i. e. Cyprus Conflict. Furthermore, when self-determination and democracy is mentioned, the Korean Peninsula is ripe for the taking. Our participants will be taking part in the bilateral high-level North Korea – South Korea Talks, which is currently projected to happen.  Lastly, the U.S. Office of the Attorney General will be simulated for law students and law aficionados, where they will provide legal counsel to the President of the United States.

To conclude, on behalf of the respective members of the academic and organization teams of KUMUN V, I would like to express my excitement to present you the preview of the results of our academic and organizational efforts for which we have been working for months and my nervous anticipation for delivering the conference itself. I am grateful for the people and the experiences Model UN has brought me so far. I am looking forward to prolonging this ongoing tradition with you.


Eymen Akın

Secretary-General of KUMUN 2018