KUMUN 2017

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Dates: June 8-11, 2017

Location: Koç University Campus – Istanbul, Turkey


Highly Esteemed Participants,
I am truly honored to be the one to welcome you all to the fourth annual session of Koç University Model United Nations Conference, namely KUMUN 2017.
I have started this journey with a bunch of extraordinarily talented people who have been even more excited than me to make KUMUN 2017 flawless, indicating that, this never-ending enthusiasm since its first edition is what has made KUMUN have its own special place in a world full of Model UN Conferences.
Since the very beginning, KUMUN has created its unique reputation of being an innovative conference, thanks to the Academic and Organizational excellence the former teams have created. Although it is hard to catch such standards, and even harder to upgrade them; we have been working intensively to do so, as the Academic and Organization Teams of KUMUN 2017.
As a “KUMUN tradition”, we have a number of unprecedented committees on hand in addition to the simulations of some of the most prominent international organizations through which the participants will have the great opportunity to alter the past, innovate the present and envisage the future while enjoying the summer in the heart of Turkey.
Although all the committees are genuinely distinctive in their own ways, I believe the most suitable way for introduction is to divide them into three groups.
As the emergence of the millennium, the Internet has become an integral element of daily life and the related crimes have come as no surprise. Thus the European Police Office established a special agency focusing on international cyber crimes called the European Cyber Crime Centre, EC3, that will be simulated at KUMUN for the first time ever, with the participants acting as the experts of the Centre. Within a completely different perspective from a divergent part of the world, the prospective economists attending the conference will have the unique opportunity to evaluate the economic problems of South American nations by being the delegates of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC, and will hopefully cooperate to find ways to provide the long-awaited stability to the region. Speaking of instability, the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, also has its part in KUMUN 2017; in which the delegates will look for the ways to implement sustainable development goals to create global stability by promoting food security. Another committee to catch a glimpse of the ways to think from a humanitarian perspective in our academic setting is the International Organization for Migration, IOM, in which the participants will discuss the very current issue of migration that gained popularity, especially in the recent years as a result of the everlasting instability in the Middle East and North Africa.
They say the classics never get old, for this reason we decided to include the simulation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, in which the 9/11 incidents will be simulated. Considering the global importance of this event, the delegates of KUMUN 2017 will be the ones writing the history by determining the then-prospective stance towards the extremists. Although 9/11 can be considered as quite historical today, the committee that is specially designed for the lovers of history is the Ottoman Parliament. The delegates will be the representatives responding to the subsequent crises the Ottomans had struggled with, and which led to the fall of an empire that had lasted more than 600 years. Moreover, as a KUMUN tradition from its early stages, there are two committees that are planned as Joint Crisis Cabinets, JCCs, in which the individual actions of each Cabinet will immediately affect the other. Therefore, the delegates become a part of that dynamic experience as a result of the sui generis nature of JCC. The first JCC will be the simulation of the ongoing Yemen War, through which the delegates of the Cabinets will determine the faith of the region. The second JCC is inspired by the popular TV show, Narcos, and the drug trafficking will be addressed by the participants who will act as the members of the Medellin Cartel along with Pablo Escobar and as the officials working at the American Drug Enforcement Administration.
Lastly, the European Court of Human Rights, ECHR, will be simulated for the aspiring judges and the advocates attending KUMUN 2017. A fictional case will be waiting for the participants that will enable them to enhance their Human Rights Law skills by creating familiarity to the structure of the ECHR and by touching upon the controversial areas in its case law; which have been challenged since its establishment.
To conclude, on behalf of the Director-General Efe Aytaçlar, Deputy-Director-General Nahit Mücellit and Academic Advisor Cem Özmen, along with the rest of the respected members of the Academic and Organization Teams; I would like to express my excitement to present you the preview of the results of our academic and organizational efforts for which we have been working for months.
I am grateful for the people and the experiences Model UN has brought me so far. Although it sounds cliché, I am looking forward to see us making our dreams come true within this wonderful tradition that we all have become a part of, and I hope you join us as well.
Irem Uysal
Secretary-General of KUMUN 2017