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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, despite being a major exporter of precious minerals and having one of the world’s largest oil deposits, has been facing a devastating economic crisis for six years now. The people of Venezuela are poor and the government is accused of mismanagement and adopting inadequate policies. On the contrary, President Nicolas Maduro claims that the cause behind the crisis is sabotage by imperialists. Either way, today, Venezuela is clearly in recession.
Maduro bases his argument on the fact that his political party “Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela” (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) embraces a socialist and more specifically, Bolivarian approach in both internal and external matters. In this aspect, Maduro follows his predecessor in office Hugo Chavez and argues in favor of anti-imperialism, participative democracy, equitable distribution of resources, with an overall pan-American and national-patriotic approach to politics. As a result, the state faces great opposition within and outside the country under Maduro’s government.
In 2017, Maduro set up a Constituent Assembly which has extensive powers, even capable of dissolving the National Assembly. The European Union stated they would not recognize the new body. After Maduro was re-elected for a six-year term in the Presidential Elections of 2018, United States called it a sham election and imposed sanctions on the country allegedly upon witnessing corruption within the government. As a consequence of the recent crisis, the Cabinet of Venezuela, headed by Nicolas Maduro, has several significant issues to tackle for both short term and long term.


Under-Secretaries-General: İrem Beyza Uralcan- Mehmet Emin Akyar

Academic Assistant: İdil Zoraloğlu

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