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It has been observed in many examples that the so-called Arab Spring could not result in an actual “Spring” for the eyewitnesses. One of the instances for this case is the one that is seen in Yemen. As a result of the stabilization attempts within the hype of the Arab Spring, the totalitarian regime in Yemen was handed over to a new president. These attempts have not succeeded and the new president, Hadi, has started to look for ways to deal with the everlasting social and economical problems before enjoying his seat. The unattainable nature of instability in the region nurtured the extremists and resulted in a civil war between the supporters of the established government of President Hadi and the rebels. Although the international community somehow decided to ignore the incidents in Yemen, many people have been killed or have become in need of humanitarian aid, especially with the active involvement of the unprecedented exterior actors. Today, the civil war is alive and none of the parties seem like they will abandon in the near future.

Note: This committee is apt for highly experienced delegates.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under-Secretary-General responsible: Ali Emir – İlker Gül

Crisis Staff: Baki Bacık

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