JCC: Cyprus Conflict (1973)

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Republic of Cyprus was proclaimed on August 15, 1960, with its new constitution proving to be controversial and resulting in dissatisfaction amongst the Greek Cypriot subsequently. Rising tensions between the ethnic communities and deadlock in the political scene slowed any governmental progress and contributed to further armed conflict beginning at the end of 1963. The relations between Greece and Turkey have been tense since then; as in spite of the ceasefire agreed in Nicosia, attacks on Turkish Cypriots by Greek paramilitaries continued and the Turkish government readied parts of its military to which President Makarios formed ‘National Guard’ forces as a response. The main source of conflict nowadays is centered on the idea of ‘Enosis’, referring to the unification of Greece and Cyprus. This has been asserted by the military junta that seized control over Greece back in 1967 at a time the Turkish side is certain not to compromise on their plans upon the island. As the situation worsens on all fronts, it will be up to the Cypriot delegates of opposing factions of the committee to succeed in finding a solution to the problems their island nation faces today. If they fail to do so, Cyprus will continue to plunge into violence and chaos, staining its history with blood.

Under-Secretaries-General:  Can Baran Yüceer-Despina Michael

Academic Assistant: Nil Oskaylar