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A heated campaign is going on between the reformist candidate Mr. Hussein Mousavi and incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The ultimate aim is the elections on June 12, 2009. Now, it’s time for Iranians to vote in the presidential election. The reformist propaganda has been broadcasted through television and internet, mostly in social media. With the censorship policies of the current Ahmadinejad government, will the opposition have a chance to manifest itself or will it fail to resist against the oppression of a government’s struggle to maintain its current president? For their role in the pre-election process, all the papers and media outlets running in support of the opposition are on the verge of being closed and suppressed. Television channels are state-run, and even novels can be banned because of political purposes. The events have garnered international attention and concern about the Iranian government’s disregard for human rights and basic civil liberties, because of restrictions on journalists, disruptions of mobile phone networks, inaccessibility to some web sites, arrests of people on a mass scale and clashes between civilian protestors and Basij forces. Yet, reformists enjoy huge backing from the people of Islamic Republic of Iran. A new era after the Iranian Revolution can be forecast if the reformists seal the victory. Taking the theme of KUMUN’18, democracy in crisis, to the core of the committee, it’s time for democracy to glaze even in the darkest of times and people’s will to acquire sovereignty.

Under-Secretaries-General:  Serra Çetinel- Ceren Hapoğlu

Assistant Under-Secretary-General responsible: Sude Zeynep Karataş

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