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As a crisis whose consequences are and will be felt far beyond the Korean Peninsula, officials of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea have huge responsibilities on whether they are to put an end to the decades old crisis or maintain the frayed tensions. Korean Crisis is an issue that still makes the international community and world leaders worry about the ramifications of a nuclear war, which would likely result in irreversible scenarios for the globe. The recent developments that have been supported by President Trump of USA and his administration gave hope to the world, however, one should not forget that the whole process is very volatile and even if an amicable agreement is reached, the content of such an agreement will be crucial as it will be determining the future of the people of both sides.

The crisis puts the whole world in jeopardy, what need not to be forgotten is that both actions and words will have unique repercussions. Is nuclear proliferation a realistic goal? What will happen to the infrastructure of North Korea and who will take the lead to build it if an agreement is finally created? Can the Koreans put aside their long-lasting disputes and reach a satisfying solution?


Under-Secretaries-General: Baki Bacık-Hüseyin Arıkan

Academic Assistant: Defne Başbuğoğlu

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