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The United States Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) is an office which works under the U.S Department of Justice to assist the Attorney General in order to provide legal advice to the President of the United States and fifteen departments of the executive branch. The Office is mainly responsible for giving written responses regarding the requests from the Counsel to the President and agencies of the executive branch. The main responsibilities of OLC includes resolving the disagreements between the two departments of the government along with reviewing and interpreting on the constitutionality of the pending legislation.

The Office of Legal Counsel is entitled to review all proposed orders of the Attorney General and regulations waiting for the approval of the Attorney General. Although there have been several questions raised on the necessity of OLC in governmental affairs since its foundation in 1934, it has played a key role in assisting the government of the US and Department of Justice throughout the years.

Under-Secretary-General responsible: İrem Güler-Friedstein

Academic Assistant: Mustafa Fevzi Erbağcı

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