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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) was first established in 1951. The organization is a cross-country organization that specialises in subject matters of migration. The organization currently harbours a grand total of 157 Member States and has yet to expire expansion. Two key points which the organization specializes in are firstly distributing a humane outlook on migration, and secondly creating a migration setting in which all involved parties benefit. These goals are achieved within the organization through the given supply of both aid (emotional and/or material) and recommendation between the organization, the Member States and individuals. In the year of 1992, the International Organization for Migration was awarded with the status of ‘Permanent Observer’ by the United Nations General Assembly. In 1996, an agreement centered on the abovementioned collaboration was signed. This September, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) joined the United Nations System as a connected organization so as to be better able to address current vast migration and refugee activity.

Note: This committee is apt for both experienced and inexperienced delegates.

Agenda Item I: Preventing the Smuggling of Migrants
Agenda Item II: Issues of Migration in the Horn of Africa and its Surroundings

Under-Secretary-General responsible: Simay İldeniz

Academic Assistant: İrem Beyza Uralcan

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