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The Irish War of Independence began in 1919 after the Easter Rising in 1916 between IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the British security forces in Ireland. The conflict began when the leaders of Sinn Féin declared an independent Irish republic and established a government in Dublin. The IRA wanted to become a powerful military force in order to convince the government to introduce complete independence from the United Kingdom, rather than the proposed Home Rule solution at a time when the Westminster system of government was not willing to offer the nationalists the power of self-government. Therefore, IRA was attempting to force the British security personnel out of Ireland by using guerilla tactics since they believed that the police forces in Ireland were firm supporters of the British rule and law. The cabinets will discuss and try to resolve the issue of the matter by using certain military tactics and political strategies. During four days of sessions, both cabinets will be guided by the historical events while deciding on the outcome of the war themselves.

Under-Secretaries-General: Özüm Yenen- Arda Ulaş Mutlu

Academic Assistant: Oğuz Ceylan

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