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Perhaps the most iconic and pioneering fast-paced and crisis-based committee in a Model UN conference; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is unique in terms of its operations and scope. Comprised of selected Member States, NATO can be considered as one of the longest-standing military and political alliances in the contemporary political sphere. Having undertaken numerous peacekeeping tasks around the globe in times of sweeping change and sociopolitical instability with great success, NATO has proved its reliability and power on an international scale.

Now, in what could be described as its darkest times, the United States, along with the rest of the world, has turned to NATO in hopes of guidance and protection against terrorism that knows no boundaries. In this simulation, delegates are expected to deal with the issues of studying and debating the aftermath of the September 11th attacks that took place in the United States; while deciding on how to retaliate and take action against a new wave of terrorism that is sweeping the world.

Note: This committee is apt for highly experienced delegates.

Agenda Item:9/11 Incidents

Under-Secretary-General responsible: Berke Giray – Melisa Sajjad

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